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Nils Lofgren, E Street Band guitarist endorses CD

Poppy and the Usual Suspects have a great, hard-rockin' CD entitled "Celestial Love Jones". The music is honest, tough and inspired. Old school, heart-felt Rock 'N Roll. I highly recommend it. Check it out!

  1. -Nils Lofgren (E Street Band guitarist)

United Kingdom gives ‘Celestial Love Jones’ thumbs up

Label: PopnMad

GRITTY collection of blues and soul originals from the Arizona foursome endorsed by Nils Lofgren. Meaty riffs, Poppy’s baritone growl and some great guitar make this an almost perfect soundtrack to a long drive, whether the M6 or Route 66.

  1. -Neal Butterworth, Editor-In-Chief, Dorset Daily Echo,  UK

The Netherlands chimes in

Phoenix, USA based band playing heavy Bluesrock. Their debut CD was produced by the band themselves, but engineered by GRAMMY AWARDS nominee JOHN GRAY (MICHAEL SCHENKER, MINISTRY). Musically speaking it is pure Bluesrock that sounds like a mix between THE BLACK CROWES, very early FLEETWOOD MAC, BAD COMPANY and NILS LOFGREN, who by the way praised the band. 11 songs are included and it is highly recommended to the Bluesrockfans.

  1. -Gabor Kleinbloesem, STRUTTER’ZINE, The Netherlands

More from across the pond

Great blues-rock band with tons of originality and charisma from Phoenix, Arizona. There’s some crackin riffs, melodies and guitar-work on here with standouts being the big f*ck you that is ‘Mr. Boss Man’; the brilliant blues wailing found on the title track ‘Celestial Love Jones’; the positively danceable ‘Be My Girl’; and the possibly autobiographical ‘Trouble’. A CD that’s well worth checking out.

  1. -Glenn Milligan, Metallville, UK

Canada has a thing or two to say

No frills, no gimmicks...just straight-up Rock 'N Roll!!!! I'm diggin' it.  Keep shreddin' "Poppy & The Gang"...Cheers!

  1. -Rock U Review, Canada

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...and don’t leave out Ireland

Bringin’ back that old school rock vibe

Poppy and the Usual Suspects are something of a badass rock band from the southwest American badlands of Arizona. The band have caught the imagination of rock luminaries Stateside and are now starting to get noticed on the other side of the Atlantic also. I for one am thrilled to have discovered their music.

Their latest CD ‘Celestial Love Jones’ is a gritty, uncompromising and resonant songscape that pulls no punches but rather pulls you in by the scruff of the neck and won’t let you go. ‘Can’t Find That Thing’ is a barnstorming opening track which sets the emphatically Rock ’N’ Roll tone for the rest of the album. Song comes across as a hard–edged version of the Doobie Brothers ‘Long Train Runnin’. The sentiment of that great song "Without love, where would you be now?" is echoed here in the elusiveness of love to one who "Woke up this mornin’, sky was grey" and "just the start of another day" and "go to my job, cant’t seem to find/That something that should be mine/Can’t find that thing called love." The opening track bears more than just a passing resemblance to that Doobie Brothers rock classic, both lyrically and acoustically. The titular track ‘Celestial Love Jones’ features some deadly guitar riffs and showcases Poppy’s incendiary harmonica playing, which is as good as I’ve heard in a long while. This is one imperious rock track. You wanna know how rock rolls? Listen to this track and see how it’s done. This song deserves all the radio play it gets, for it is a great song for the road. There is some unforgettable air guitar going on here. ‘Baby’s Comin’ Home’ also grabbed me and has some great lyrics that evoke nostalgia for bygone days of a Rock’N’ Roll lifestyle in the lines: "I put on yesterday’s jeans and ran to the bus in the rain/I met her in the morning…..Baby’s comin home tonight/It’s driving me insane." This is a song that smacks in the face of the Stones ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction’. As this peach of a song ends, Poppy unleashes a primal, pent–up "Uhhhhhhhhh" grunt of the manliest vintage. It’s a sound so primordial that it could have come from the dawn of civilization; or it’s like something you would only expect to hear in the ring with Rocky Balboa. It’s just another proof that Poppy sure is a true rock heavyweight…. The profanities in the song ‘Mr Boss Man’ underscore the festering malaise caused by living in a postmodern existence where little else seems to matter but work and money. I think all of us can recognize at least one tyrannical boss we’ve worked for in this song ("Doesn’t matter how I work/My boss is always a jerk...") There are similar themes explored in ‘Comfortable Shoes’ which has one of the best lines in the entire album: "This blue–collar life gives me the chills…" Poppy’s unputdownable attitude, unquenchable determination and relentless persistence in the face of life’s adversity are all there in ‘Be My Girl’, another song I really like.. "Mark my words, you’re gonna be my girl…" Guys, if there’s anyone out there in need of convincing themselves that they can get their girl, listen to this uplifting, inspiring rock track and you will be ready for the challenge. ‘Lie After Lie’, yet another uncompromising, hard–hitting track, reminds me of Feargal Sharkey’s ‘You Little Thief’ and not least in the lyrics: "You’re a liar, you’re a cheater, you’re a stealer/You lowdown dirty dealer…" This song is an expertly written dissection of lies and the ramifications of telling lies: "You lie so much, I dunno when you’re telling the truth/Telling lie after lie after life from a telephone booth…" I saw a film years ago called Mother Night, starring Nick Nolte, a fascinating perspective on the distribution of lies in the context of the Nazis. The proffered wisdom in the film is that when you tell a lie enough times, you eventually become that lie. I don’t know whether Poppy and his Usual Suspects have seen Mother Night but I find something of that film’s wisdom in their song.

Throughout ‘Celestial Love Jones’ there are resounding echoes of many rock greats from Dire Straits to Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, the Rolling Stones and the aforementioned Doobie Brothers. But Poppy and the Usual Suspects have carved their own name into the stone of rock music with their highly original sound and approach. Their music brings back that good ole stadium rock vibe of the 80s and while there are bands like this around there is still hope for good, old–fashioned Rock ’N’ Roll. Little wonder then that E Street Band guitarist Nils Lofgren has laid superlatives upon Poppy and the Usual Suspects, speaking of them as "great, hard–rockin’…honest, tough and inspired. Old school, heartfelt Rock ’N’ Roll" which he highly recommends. Hell, even blues legend Chico Chism sat up and took notice, summing up the vast feelings of a legion of fans in just seven words when he told Poppy and his band: "You got it, you got it, man." You got it all, I say. A Rolling Stone gathers no moss and Poppy and the Usual Suspects certainly won’t gather any moss.

In Poppy, the band have a charismatic and forceful lead singer who rams home the band’s uncompromising messages. He is a larger–than–life presence on stage and CD alike.

The one thing I just can’t get past is Poppy’s berserk harmonica. It’s this harmonica that evokes for me, the badlands of the band’s origin. Remember that great TV series Renegade? I can even picture Reno Raines roaming the badlands after making yet another getaway, roaring along on his motorbike with ‘Celestial Love Jones’ on headset. To my way of thinking, Poppy and the Usual Suspects are renegades of rock.

- Marty McCool Music Reviews, Ireland

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Gotta love your style!
- Gary Schmaltz, WHYS 96.3FM


We love your music!
- Psychadelic Velveeta Internet Radio


Enjoy your awesome talent!! 
- Paddy Noonan, Founder and Musician, IMRadio


Love the music!!
- Jerry Independent Indie Radio Show


Great! We love it!
- Nantucket Music Productions


I like the music I've heard here.
- Fearless Radio


Wow! i’m really very impressed! loved to death your awesome powerful rock stuff, mate!! wonderful songs, great energy, you're very talented indeed!
- Radio Basile


Good stuff. 
- Blues Road Radio


Ya'll sound great!
- James Stone, GM, X RADIO on


Press release

Poppy & The Usual Suspects aim high with debut album

Category: Music

(15 April 2009 - Phoenix, AZ) Phoenix blues rockers Poppy & The Usual Suspects have recently re-released their debut album, Celestial Love Jones through the POPnMAD label. Produced by the band and engineered by Grammy nominee John Gray (Ministry, DMX, Michael Schenker, Sunny Ledford) at AZ's famed Saltmine Studios, Celestial Love Jones is a hard hitting piece of work combining upbeat, slamming blues oriented rock crossed with a touch of soul for a J.Geils Band meets the Black Crowes and the Fabulous Thunderbirds while hanging out at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

The quartet came together in 2004 when frontman Poppy and guitarist Tevis Maloney's bands shared a bill together. Poppy left his band immediately and hooked up soon after with his newfound friends. "We knew we had something after just an hour of jamming together," recalls the singer. "I still had gigs I was committed to so we played them, totally on the fly but we made it work. It was beautiful!"

'Celestial Love Jones' recently received high praise from none other than the E-Street Band's Nils Lofgren, who said, "Poppy and the Usual Suspects have a great, hard rockin' CD entitled Celestial Love Jones. The music is honest, tough and inspired. Old school, heart-felt Rock N' Roll. I highly recommend it. Check it out!"


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WB television show

The band was chosen as the Hottest Blues Band in Arizona by The WB Television Studios. The studio needed someone to fill the Blues genre and the boys not only accepted but prevailed!

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